Andre Wruszczak

04 Mar 2021

Gatsby Cloud Hosting

I love simplifying my CI-pipeline

⚠️ This is outdated, the current blog uses Astro and is deployed via Github Pages!

As you might have read in my first blog post ever, I currently use Gatsby Cloud to build this blog and Vercel to deploy and host it.

Of course you have read it. You are a nice person.

Save the environment! Only host your blogs once

So far my current pipeline served me well - but recently I’ve noticed that Gatsby Cloud automatically hosts my blog on some weird internal URL.

Which is kind of a waste - I don’t really need my site to be hosted twice!

Lucky for me, just a couple days ago Gatsby Cloud now offers hosting too !

In conclusion…

With tears in my eyes… I need to say my goodbyes to Vercel.


You served me well old friend! I will never forget these magical ~18 days we had! Never!


Now my blog only gets build and hosted at one service, which hopefully reduces unnecessary data traffic.

new workflow

Next Steps

Well the new hosting option was introduced alongside much bigger news: Gatsby v3 was released! The most interesting part for me is going to be the incremental build times.

Sadly I was not able to update my blog because of some ominous GraphQL exceptions.

A topic for another day. Another blog post probably too :)

Until then ~

I ❤ simplifying my CI pipelines!