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Andre Wru



Writing about myself is weird ~ if you want to get to know me - feel free to just contact me on any of my social media accounts :)

So I was born and raised in Stuttgart, Germany. After finishing school I decided to work voluntarily in a Montessori-Kindergarten which taught me a lot about how we learn: the infamous Dragon Speech by Chris Crawford sums it up pretty well.

Afterwards I was still undecided what to do with my life so I decided to go somewhere completely different for a year. As Australia and New Zealand are basically getting colonized by german backpackers I settled for Work & Travel in Japan.

Definitely an interesting experience that molded me into the person I am today. I found many friends and learned how satisfying farm work can be - but I also experienced a lot of racism and injustice first hand.

Having returned from Japan, inspired by a fellow hitchhiker I met in Japan and by a childhood friend I work with today, I decided to study B.Sc Software Engineering in the University of Stuttgart.

Without the help I got from my friends and fellow students I probably would have quit after my first semester:

Programming is just for super smart people

I was never really good at math anyway

and other similar thoughts occupied my mind and kept me in the imposter mindset for many years to come. It's a shame that many educational institutions do not encourage newcomers as much as they could and should.

While studying I had a couple working student positions and ultimately decided to start freelancing. Soon enough I taught kids programming at schools and developed VR/AR applications for educational purposes.

After a couple years of freelancing I felt that I was not growing and learning as much as I can so I was looking for a position in a company that offers me many different opportunities to grow as a person.

Nowadays I am getting into open source and social activism and I'm looking forward where my journey will lead me.